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Best Prophet Ayyub Basic Life Story 1st Part

Prophet Ayyub became the next generation of Prophet Ibrahim. Ayyub’s mother become the daughter of Prophet Lut and his wife became a direct generation of Prophet Yusuf. Ayyub lived in Rome with his dear spouse Rahma and fourteen children. Prophet Ayyub was a Prophet who become immensely blessed through Allah he turned into robust and healthful, had massive plots of land, ample farm animals, and a righteous and delightful family; he turned into additionally a network leader who changed into an exceptionally respected and loved by means of his humans.

Prophet Ayyub is usually humble

Notwithstanding his reputation and wealth, Ayyub became in no way boastful he become usually humble, he effectively helped the deprived and constantly thanked and glorified Allah for the entirety he changed into blessed with. One day, high up within the heavens, the angels commenced discussing the great people who lived on the earth. An angel among them said, The great creature on this planet these days is Ayyub, a man of noble character who presentations top-notch patience and continually remembers his beneficent Lord.

Prophet Ayyub is an excellent model for the Iman of Allah. In return, his Lord has blessed him with an extended existence and lots of servants; the needy and the negative proportion in his good fortune he feeds and clothes the negative and buys slaves to set them unfastened.

kind and mild

He makes individuals who get hold of his charity experience as if they’re favoring him so kind and mild, is he? Devil, who became inside the region, overhead the dialogue and have become very indignant. He straight away began plotting to trap Ayyub far from the worship of Allah. He whispered evil mind to Ayyub about the numerous pleasures of life that a man along with Ayyub ought to without difficulty revel in, but the Prophet turned into a sincere servant of Allah and became now not easily faltered this enraged satan further.

Wise antique manBest Prophet Ayyub Basic Life Story 1st Part,

Immensely satisfied with Prophet Ayyub’s ordeal, satan, disguised as a wise antique man, approached the Prophet and said, “All your wealth is lost, a few people say that it’s miles due to the fact you gave an excessive amount of charity and that you are wasting it slow with your non-stop prayers to Allah. Others say that Allah has introduced this upon you as a good way to please your enemies.

If Allah had the ability to prevent damage, then He might have blanketed your wealth. Prophet Ayyub answered Allah gives whom He wills, and Allah takes from whom He wills. And all the wealth that I’ve belongs to Allah, so He has every authority to take it lower back from me. Ayyub then became round and endured to thank and reward Allah. Feeling alternatively pissed off, the devil again to Allah and said, “I’ve stripped Ayyub of all his possessions, but he nevertheless stays grateful to You.

Hiding his sadness

However, he is most effective in hiding his sadness. The actual check of a figure is thru his kids. You may see how Prophet Ayyub will reject You. Allah nevertheless knew that Ayyub’s religion and love for his Lord will not waver, but He agreed to check Ayyub in addition. Before lengthy, the building wherein Ayyub’s children lived crashed killing all fourteen of his younger, stunning kids. Devil all over again visited Ayyub disguised as sympathizing bystander, and remarked with sorrow, The situations under which your children died had been sad. In reality, your Lord isn’t rewarding you properly for all your prayers.

The notion and remain grateful

Prophet Ayyub replied, Allah offers me what is ideal for me, and takes away what Allah sees this is displeasing for Him and for me. Allah sees that every one of those kids may be a sturdy test & trial for me, so Allah took them away from me. Whether an element is beneficial or dangerous to me, I will continue to be a company in my notion and remain grateful to my creator.

Satan rushed lower back to Allah and said, O my Lord, Ayyub’s wealth is long gone, his children are useless, and he’s nevertheless healthful in the frame, and so long as he enjoys accurate health he’ll keep to worship You in hopes of regaining his wealth and producing greater youngsters. Supply me authority over his body so that I might also weaken it. He’s going to virtually forget to worship You and will as a result emerge as disobedient.

Allah granted his request but informed me, I come up with authority over his body however no longer over his soul, mind, or heart, for in these places live the expertise of Me and My faith. Ayyub’s fitness commenced to become worse. He become so ill that the skin of his body used to fall off revealing his muscle tissue and bone. However as Allah informed, the most effective two organs that functioned in his body have been his coronary heart and tongue which he persisted to use to glorify Allah.

Prophet Ayyub suffered thru extreme aches, however, he never allowed himself to complain or falter in his notion of Allah. The people discussing If Ayyub changed into a great man or woman, Allah wouldn’t have carried out this to him”. And sooner or later, they abandoned him his family, buddies, and all and sundry who loved and revered Ayyub abandoned him, besides Rahma, his loved wife.

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